Services to minimise client’s liabilities and maximise opportunities


To keep up to ever changing and complex labour law we provide businesses the advice and assistance of our experts and software applications.

We provide services to firms of different sizes across a wide range of market sectors. Our labour services are:

Comprehensive service

We advise, perform and assist our clients to perform their required duties under employment law. They do not need neither software applications nor staff to comply these duties.

  • Written payslips
  • Management reports on gross-net salaries and Seguridad Social and IRPF contributions
  • Tc1 y Tc2 monthly issue
  • Monthly statutory payments of withholding taxes (Seguridad Social, I.R.P.F.)
  • Preparation and submission of statutory reports of leavers and joiners to administration (Seguridad Social)
  • Preparation and submission of statutory reports about sick, work-related accidents, occupational diseases, maternity/paternity and risk assessed pregnant workers leave and return to work.
  • Submissions of work-related accidents to CAT365 y Delta portals.
  • Recruitment Service
  • Legal Service
  • Quarterly or monthly completion of IRPF tax payment form, “modelo 190” (year end summary).
  • Withholding tax certificate. Workers’ affidavit on their family composition.
  • Preparation of the file to apply for the unemployment benefit. Electronic submission.

Specific service

For clients that have their own software and staff, we offer the following unique or regular services:

Employment contract service

  • Employment contract and extension of contracts: any type, with or without bonus.
  • Contracts with a special regulation: domestic workers, agricultural and maritime sector, artists...
  • Contract expiry date control

Legal service

  • Client’s representation at the labour inspections
  • Completion of compromise agreements before CMAC
  • Documents preparation, redundancy pay and salary calculation for the negotiation with the worker.
  • Client’s representation at conciliation meeting.
  • When an agreement is reached, we prepare conciliation application form for the worker.
  • Disciplinary procedures studies.
  • Advice on immigration procedures.
  • Assessments for company partners: self-employed and special regulations.

All services allow our clients to access via internet to all accounting, labour, tax and legal documents we have produced. Our web guarantees a secure environment.