Services to minimise client’s liabilities and maximise opportunities


Nowadays the economic situation and the tax policy are so complex that it is essential a good and sound financial planning and management.  

Therefore, we have developed a range of c. This portfolio includes:

  • Retirement planning
  • Wealth management
  • Financing and feasibility plans
  • Mortgage loans review

Accordingly, we have signed agreements with the main Spanish financial institutions such as Banco Santander, BBVA, Banco de Sabadell, Banco Popular and foreign institutions such as the Swiss Bank Mirabaud. We are also financial developers of the Catalan financial institute (Institut Català de Finances (ICF).

Retirement Planning

This service offers our clients the opportunity to perform an advantageous planning of their retirement.

  • We calculate the retirement pension that our client would obtain at present, taking into account our client’s personal and economic situation. 
  • We evaluate the investments’ options depending on ours client’s needs
  • We calculate the tax impact of the tailored savings’ options designed for each client. 

Wealth Management

This service is aimed to individuals, families and firms that want to improve their wealth tax. It involves the following issues:

  • Design, execution and adaptation of the best wealth and remuneration structure, according to personal and/or family’s requirements and objectives.
  • Organize family businesses and develop family protocols.
  • Wealth planning (Portfolio, SICAV, services and tailor-made products).
  • Wealth tax and financial advice and management.
  • Inheritance planning.

Financing and Feasibility Planning

Uncertainties of the current financial state of affairs highly recommend the development of a Feasibility plan for all businesses, which is the key instrument to successful decision-making. 

When we design a Feasibility plan, we study the technical, economic and financial viability and develop the strategies and procedures to turn a business opportunity into a specific, solid and profitable business plan.

We also analyze all possible financing alternatives and propose those that best fit to our customers’ requirements, taking into account their growth and internationalization. 

We can also perform with financial institutions the securities demanded by the guarantee of the I.C.F. / AVALIS.

Motgage Loans Review

Most of mortgage loans with a variable interest (usually Euribor), have a “Ground clause” that enables the lender to benefit from a fall of the reference interest rate agreed.

This service offers our clients the review of those mortgage loans that they have signed to identify if there is a ground clause. A report will advise on the law suit and/or other claims, in order to remove the clause and recover the amount of money overpaid.

We may also take care of the lawsuit in behalf of our clients.