Services to minimise client’s liabilities and maximise opportunities


Company’s economic and financial management is keystone to ensure its competiveness, continuity and development.

Economic indicators allow establishing profitability objectives, and financial indicators allow setting liquidity objectives at the different company’s areas.

COMPUTGestión includes an ongoing monitoring of the economic and financial indicators keystone of each company, and therefore be able to perform a comprehensive business management and enhance its future prospects.

Regularly our experts travel to client’s office to collect and analyse all necessary data, adapt them to the business particularities, and therefore plan, organize and monitor strategic and operational actions in the economic and financial organization’s field.

Monthly follow-up meetings with client’s management team help to develop the strategic business development plan and determine what remedial actions are required to correct any deviation.

All services allow our clients to access via internet to all accounting, labour, tax and legal documents we have produced. Our web guarantees a secure environment.

Furthermore, we have remote support tools that enables us, at any moment, help and advice our clients on any daily tasks.