Services to minimise client’s liabilities and maximise opportunities


For those companies that need to perform an audit, we have a team of skilled and experienced certified professionals (Registro Oficial de Auditores de Cuentas del Instituto de Contabilidad y Auditoría de Cuentas).

Statutory audit has to be performed at companies that along two consecutive years have fulfilled two of the following premises:

  • 1. Total assets more than 2.850.000€
  • 2. Annual turnover more than 5.700.000€
  • 3. Average number of workers over 50.

Those companies that have to issue an audit according to Spanish regulations and do not submit their annual accounts and audit report they commit an offence that has two consequences: closure of commercial register and a fine, that may amount up to 300.506,05€ per year of infringement for those companies with an annual revenue over 6 million euro.

The annual general meeting must appoint an auditor before the end of the year that has to be reviewed and the agreement has to be registered at the commercial register (Registro Mercantil).

Our services include:

  • Annual accounts audit
  • Annual consolidated accounts audit
  • Special report on capital increase by compensation of credit
  • Special report on capital increase charged to reserves
  • Special report on capital decrease by compensation of losses
  • Special report on equity value
  • Review and check other financial and accounting documents

We provide an independent, objective and rigorous audit based on developing an understanding your business, investigating and checking accounting and financial records and other documents and your accounting and financial history.

We complete the necessary reports to certify that the financial statements give a true and fair view of net worth and the company’s financial position, the results of the operations and the changes in equity and cash flow.

All services include dealing with tax administrative procedures

All services allow our clients to access via internet to all accounting, labour, tax and legal documents we have produced. Our web guarantees a secure environment